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Sungkai Promo Seasons…

Since this is afterall the Ramadhan season it is fitting that I start writing on the gastronomical scene where all the food outlets have good deals and irrestible promotions for Sungkai ( ..& Sahur). What better way to start with … Continue reading

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Crazy Sale = Crazy Traffic

Its the crazy traffic season due to the Brunei Grand Sale and Payday and also the fasting month leading up to Hari Raya. I tend to avoid to go out at this time unless for the necessary necessities due to … Continue reading

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Have you ever had one those days when you are doing a do eg. an event or dinner party or the sort, suddenly people you haven’t heard for a while rang up or sms-ed u like ‘ Hello, What’s up…blah … Continue reading

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I received my Uni alumni magazine today, which I received annually twice a year. Scanning thru the pages and the photos reminds me of the days….No blogs then, registering an email on hotmail was a new thing and mobile phone … Continue reading

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Run, Blink, Blink…

Its official the Haze is back with a vengeance…I wonder which part of Borneo or Indonesia is open burning during this holy month. Even at night u can see traces of haze under the street lights. I started my running … Continue reading

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Puasa, Day 1

So its here, Puasa. I spent half the day in bed(.. goodbye insomnia) after staying up late at nite MSN’ing with friends all over the globe and relearning my photoshop skills. Why need a phone when u can video call … Continue reading

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Indonesian Navy Akademi

Last Thursday I managed to go onboard the KRI Dewa Suci, an oldest training ship built in 1953 owned by the Indonesian Navy as a training vessel for Indonesian Cadets at Muara Port. I was given a tour around the … Continue reading

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Ready, Steady, Puasa…

Saturday and it’s the last day before the whole country goes into puasa mode. I noticed an emerging trend this morning at the gym, men in their PJ’s, yes people u heard it here first, this man working out in … Continue reading

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Friday is the Day..

So today is Friday, the day for the sighting of the moon, the day we will know when the1st day of Ramadhan will fall and its also the Hottest Day of the year so far. It feels really hot and … Continue reading

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Dedicated to all the Teachers…

Happy Teacher’s day to all the teachers in Brunei,to all my teachers and all my friends…I remember back in school (which is not too long ago!!!)I did not learn to appreciate my teachers until towards my college years. I was … Continue reading

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