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Sunday Drive

Sunday Drive: The Building, The Bazaar, Tamu, The Coast, Anything…….

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Our Billionth

This is the landmark that signifies the billionth. Finally Signed, Sealed, Delivered…………..

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Stop and Listen

When in doubt, trust your gut instinct, trust that inner voice… Just because things are moving left doesn’t mean you have too. We tend to forget to stop and listen to that inner voice within and end up making the … Continue reading

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Just Breath

Today as I close my eyes and slowly inhale, I tasted that moment where I erased all the heaviness from the day, even if it was in a split second, relax and exhale…..

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Sunday Drive

On my way home after bf at JingChiew, I heard an unusual sound from my car so had to make a quick stop and check. Turns out it was some piece of rope that got caught on the wheel. Coincidently, … Continue reading

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World’s Local

I dread the standing and waiting. Online Banking, putting the S in Stress-free banking…

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Red Eggs Celebration

Red Eggs, Kisses, Food, Sing-songs…. A family celebration to mark a month old for baby Zara……..

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Just Trois: Part Deux

More pics from the scenic 3rd Hill…. On another note, I’m sad to hear that Mr. Brunei Resources has posted his last post on his blog, to concentrate on work and his main site.

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Just Trois

I woke up at 545 am today to take part in the SMARTER 5 Hills Challenge. Overall; Tasek was a breather and Subok was a ‘lunge’ step workout and Markucing like always is a mini Shahbandar. Finally after completing Bukit … Continue reading

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Istana Darussalam

Little is known about this palace, the Istana Darussalam. This historical building is located at the edge of Bandar, hidden amongst the sleepy Kg Sumbiling Lama. This palace was the late Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin’s resident before his coronation and … Continue reading

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