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The Breaking Shot

This was taken during the recent royal wedding dinner.After this shot my SLIK tripod went snap, it broke! My immediate reaction at that time was to grab my camera and lens safely in my hands. Pheeeww! The tripod had served … Continue reading

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Fireworks Bob

Happy Birthday Ryan………. ….also Happy Birthday to Swiss Mummy.

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Disco Bowl

Have u heard of moonlight bowling with dangdut/disco music (JapLai anyone..??) full blast in the background? Last Sunday I took part in gusto bowling tourny among the group. I took some shots in between my turn to bowl and so … Continue reading

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Baby Brunch

Had brunch with Baby Z…Love xx.

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Double M’s

What were u thinking….

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Bandarscape: Kianggeh Part 2

Busy, Busy, Busy. Overload.

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Bandar-cape: Kianggeh

Testing the look…

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Smile lah

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bal masque

Masque, Music and Maki-roll. Thanx for the invite P.

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Empire Sunset

Been super busy, drop by this place for a cool sundown.

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