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more Here. Tonite the moon was at its most beautiful, glowing with visible patches of its cratered surface. The weather has been unpredictable lately, sunny half of the day and then come rain. Rain with strong winds that created havocs … Continue reading

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Moon Cake Festival

Colours of the celebration in Bandar. Click the above pic for more*

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Monday Night Lights

What better way to beat Monday blues with a night run under the moon light.

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Soaring Sunday

Happy Teacher’s Day to all teaching professionals in the country…… Even with a hot Sunday like today and low sugar levels from fasting, Bruneians are out in full force; Shopping season is here again plus its the Brunei Grand sale, … Continue reading

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Jalan-jalan at the Gerai

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Looking back

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My September

Another year older so time to celebrate with a cake and especially special when it is mine. How time flies! Thank u all for being there ……

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I can’t help thinking but we Bruneians do over do it or should I say over indulge our appetite during the sungkai, and even sahur for that matter. Even me. Guilty! But how can we not, for every Ramadhan month … Continue reading

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Tasty Treat

Last nite was the celebration to mark the end of the ghost month. While everybody else was celebrating the moon cake festivities, I was high on these. Never underestimate my appetite hahaha. Yes after this pic I finished them all….Burp!Happy … Continue reading

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Last Sunday

Today is the last Sunday before the coming puasa. Wait the minute! This is not JC but the food taste as good…

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