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Loy Krathong

Last nite, Damuan river were transformed into the Chao Phraya where the Thai community in Brunei gathered to celebrate the Loy Krathong (or Loi Kratong, Thai ????????) under the full moon. According to Wiki; “Loi” means “to float”. “Krathong” is … Continue reading

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Look Out

At the cross road of life with no directions at all, which road do we take? The left, the right straight ahead……or stay put.??Take the one that feels right and hope for the best…

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More CANON Celebration

A closer look by the professionals… What a beauty………My renew must-must must have item( I must have it!)..on my wish list. Click Here for more.

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A CANON Celebration

Tonite Interhouse Company celebrated their Canon product launch which is a first in Brunei and with the presence of their very important CANON president. I attended the event as a result of being a ‘canon enthusiast’, which would have not … Continue reading

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A Charity Sunday

HSBC Charity Grand Prix at Taman SOAS in Bandar……….

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Sunday started with an early morning gentle and some sun salutation with the Guru with the soothing voice, at P & W ‘s place.. It was energising and refreshing to do it at this beautiful setting facing the bay…

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Fresh Picking

Farewell and Good Luck to my dear P. Will miss u lots.This is the last time we went fresh picking at your orchard on the day you left.

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Ice Cream Sunday

black cat tagged me so here goes;Tell us your namecall me Ber….. Three things about yourself:Simplicity,Sincerity and Positivity.. What’s in your playlist:Maxwell’s Urban Hangout Suite Your favourite music:anything maybe bebel gilbetto’ ish Favourite food:Sushi Define love:chocolate cake and lazy sundays … Continue reading

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