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Looking Back 2007

How fitting that my last posts will be that of my last outing at tamu kianggeh in bandar with the sharpshooters. After all bandar360 was inspired from bandar, my bandar, our bandar. My new year resolutions? Not really a resolutions, … Continue reading

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Goodbye 2007

We’ve come to last day of the year, so many clicks, so many moments captured on my CANON. The pics that followed are the scenes from the last of JC session for the year, where we had a chance to … Continue reading

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Christmas Randoms

Its been a roller coaster of feast from the Christmas eve dinner to the family lunch to wedding parties and even more to come. Its the festive season after all leading up to the new year and when all this … Continue reading

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Happy Christmas All…

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A Sunday Hunt

Green Peace?!! The Organisers Work it…hmm I see a blogger??!! I know her… Starting Line… A beautiful day to walk and hunt in the BSM Walk-a-Hunt 2007. The morning started with a warm-up aerobics at Taman SOAS followed by the … Continue reading

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Frosty NBT

On my way home from Mj, I decided to check out the newly put up X-Mas decoration at the hill top that we all come to love this festive season. Let’s just hope this year the snowmen are safer than … Continue reading

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Rain Brings

The heavy downpour last nite has caused major floods all over Brunei-Muara district. In the case of bandar, it turned into a river. I was caught in the rain, waiting till visibility was slightly clearer to safely drive home…

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Let it snow, let it snow..

Once upon a time as I step deeper passed glass wall, I saw Santa in every sizes, snowman small and tall, fluffy snow and christmas trees, teddy bears and shiny presents, in every colours of the rainbow. But looking out … Continue reading

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Remembering Her

She passed away peacefully and serenely just like her life, a gentle and serene figure that binds the family together with her love and presence. We had that special bond together, a bond much deeper than a grandparent and grandchild. … Continue reading

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