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Happy 24th National Day: Part 2

After the colourful celebration, they were some hat throwing by the shellies…click HERE for more.

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Happy 24th National Day

Bandar was painted in the patriotic colours as part of our 24th National Day celebration.

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15th Day

Today the 15th day and the last day of the celebration otherwise known as ‘Chap Goh Mei’. Hence the loud festive bang from fireworks and firecrackers from around the neighborhood…….

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The Giant Flag

The giant flag raising ceremony marks the start of the celebration, where the nation goes into full gear for the National Day.

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A Colourful Celebration

Welcoming the Chinese New Year has always been a celebration of colours; Red, Drums, Lanterns, Ang Pow, Incense, Fireworks, FireCrackers and ofcos Lion Dance are sights and sounds of this festive season. Happy New Year to all Chinese friends and … Continue reading

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The grass is greener here. Leave the negativity behind…

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