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Summer Heat

After the heavy torrential rain season it’s good to welcome the hot sun. And it has been just that, hot and hot.  The heat makes the garden more the colourful with all the trees and plants in bloom. Like this … Continue reading

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Sunset with LP

I know I have posts so many shots of our proud landmark but this time I get to show a friend our national pride. Here he is recording his clip during the sunset.

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Getting High in Menunggol

Another KNK outing with the BFF team. This time it was to Bukit Batu Pahang in Menunggol which is located just a $1 ride on the water taxi across from Bandar. The short climb uphill was only less than a  … Continue reading

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I was looking for an inspiration or that kind of feeling. Photography is always a feeling, an inspiration.

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A Walking Weekend

A little excursion over the weekend across the pond to the lion city. Our abode of peace are strategically located in the  region that we’re never too far away from the Asian cities .

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I was glad I got invited to this picnic. I wanted to smell the air, the sea, the wind. Angel beach was all and the sunset was calming.

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