Tang Soo Do

Let me take you on a quick lesson in Tang Soo Do…

First warm-up and stretching.

Then its basic introduction of formation* Newcomers please try to follow!The most basic of the move is the horse riding stand and front punch. This is where your power thru the movement of your hip. When you punch and block, please remember to shout. Shout from your stomach, your inner strength.

Now the black belt will give you the basic one to one.

The master will then test your kick with a sparing session.

Tang Soo Do is a martial arts which focuses on concentration and control. I took it not so long ago out of interest for the beautiful art, also as a means of keeping me sane after the complexity and stress of a long day and that extra workout. The warm up alone is like an intensive class of yoga with the stretching and breathing control.

Tang Soo Do is a Korean martial arts form which is not very well known compared to its close sister, Tae Kwan Do. The difference between Tae Kwan do and Tang Soo Do is in its stand, formation and posture. Tang Soo Do emphasised on sophisticated formation and hand techniques as well as self defence. However, the class is not, I repeat NOT an avenue for combat or violence, it is simply a means of learning martial arts and as continuity of the Tang Soo Do tradition.
Brunei has its own Tang Soo Do Association and the training session is in Mabohai Sports Club. For anyone interested of joining or to try out, please come to Mabohai Sports Club, the fees are extra cheap.Tang Soo!!

To all members/friends who have long been on hiatus,
Master would like you to drop by and join the class from time to time.

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  1. SoulJah says:

    The third last pic is nice. Didn’t get to capture that.

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