The Other Side of Beautiful

What happen to the leftover food wrappers or water bottles after your picnic or stroll at the beach? The answer lies in the picture; Look at this beautiful sunrise taken yesterday, at the same time look at the foreground of the picture. An eye sore? Is this how we want our beaches to end up?Every year, thousands of people go our beaches and at the same time they brought their rubbish with them. The Brunei Government has invested millions in the protection and preservation of our beaches and parks. Serasa spit alone has undergone some face lift and reclamation work in the last few years.

What can you do to help? Action speaks louder than words. Pick up your litter and properly dispose of the trash. This is merely a small step with a big impact. A big impact in setting example to our children, to help preserve and protect our beaches. Each and everyone of us must take action now.

Leave your footprints but don’t leave your junk. Keep our Brunei clean!
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3 Responses to The Other Side of Beautiful

  1. UcingItam says:

    iatah ah, n nobody is doing anything about this, pantai2 tani lawa but this turn it to an eyesore

  2. Ber says:

    Thats why it should start from us, to take action now….

  3. lisadragon says:

    Best is to introduce a fine for littering, takut jua orang 😉

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