Kg. Ayer Boat Tour, Part 1 Updated.

What happens when photobloggers get together for an outing? Lots of fun.

This is the biggest group outing that I ever went so far with one tour guide, 7 shutterbugs (Zadm, BlackCat, Shai, AnakBr, Kanta and myself) one videographer and one lady shutterbug and entourage, all for one common passion of photography. The 3 hour boat tour turned into a 4 hour tour, what with so many to shoot and with some of us running out of memory card and battery eventually. *sigh*

Kg Ayer is a true photographers heaven. A great place for shutterbugs to run amok like today. What a splendid day!

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6 Responses to Kg. Ayer Boat Tour, Part 1 Updated.

  1. Reza Faizal says:

    laju jua meng-upload atu…

  2. Zadm says:

    Atu laju, balik rumah tarus transfer kali hehe. Nice to meet you Ber, agree with you we had tons of fun, this is by far the best, longest, memory card and battery exhausting outing.

  3. AnakBrunei says:

    heheheh atu express tu banarrrr! aku balik rumah ampar tarus tidur… nda lagi terprocess… malam ani baru tah start hehehe

  4. Ber says:

    Tadi had an appoinment at 4pm so in between, started processing, kill time….Hehe. Nice mtg u too Zad!!!

  5. UcingItam says:

    hehe nice meeting u too ber.. i hope more shutterbugs will join us soon, in fact I’m already recruiting one prospect hehe.. one day we should form a club

  6. Bruneian says:

    Woahh.. I went off to Pablo’s cake demo in the afternoon. and then went to see someone after that.. Just came back home around 12 midnight :)

    I guess I will start processing tomorrow morning

    btw, LAWAAAAAAAAA gila kali! LAWA!

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