Mission Macro

Knackered is what today should be called. Exhausting day………..

Last Monday, I was on a nature adventure, to shoot the flora and fauna in macro and especially insects. I turned rocks and logs, rustled leaves and twigs but nothing except for the boring ants!!! Maybe the crawlies can smell me a mile away, maybe its the fact that whenever I found one in the house it usually is followed by a CRACK sound or the smell of shelltox! Ha

My search started from Shahbandar in the morning and then to Tasek Lama in the afternoon joined by fellow shutterbug Zadm. It was not as productive as we would expected with the light condition not favourable for macro but at least we get to shoot the waterfall in all its glory and a mini workout.

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4 Responses to Mission Macro

  1. Zadm says:

    Ani baru overdue entry hehe. Yes I think the insects read our blog the night before thats why they stayed indoors.

  2. Ber says:

    Awu..next time we better off doing it at the insect museum!!

  3. Kantalensa says:

    Tasek…my next must go outing!

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