Project Fit…

I woke up this morning feeling like a zombie because of my bright idea of taking this parakol pill for severe headache and unsleepiness last nite….

Nevertheless a good day, a start to my new project..Project Fit.
Task 1: Run for 10 miles & Trek-up-Hill 5X weekly( God, give me the strength!)..
Task 2: Gym and then Run 3X Weekly
Task 3: Gym and Cycle to KB
and so on…… Final Task: Brunei Marathon..

Running is like my meditation, a ritual place of solace, its like my way to unwind, a good way to get my stress sweats out after a day of being around people at work, of which some of them don make sense at all and some even downright stupid..Yes stupid! Running is also a good way to people watch.. familiar faces, men with shorts down to ankles so as to ‘tutup aurat’, ladies with tight tight outfit so as to point of spilling out, the boy in white cap with ipod, ‘big’ girl with baju kurung n sneakers, the man who runs like an engine and the list goes on.. even some eye candy too… all these faces part of my photographic memory, part of running for years at the Berakas Stadium.

So here I am with the gangs in Manjaro, catching up on things they been up to in the weekend and enjoying my pesto pasta and iced kasturi with less sugar. No rain today but hoping it rain tonite so I can snug under my duvet n just sleep….

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