Run, Blink, Blink…

Its official the Haze is back with a vengeance…I wonder which part of Borneo or Indonesia is open burning during this holy month. Even at night u can see traces of haze under the street lights.

I started my running again, night runs that is, I usually do it around 7ish on a normal day but now that its puasa I had to do it after 9pm… to ensure that food settled down and digested fully to prevent cramps etc since Sungkai is a no-holds-barred excessive eating affair, in my house anyway!!! I was glad that I wasn’t alone last nite, some other runners were there too. i know some of them are in training for the coming Brunei Marathon, Its also good cos its quite dark, the lights are not on especially along the red brick road towards the Sea Games arch….. pretty scary sometimes running alone.

I just need to point out that, the rule of safety for night running is to have those blinking lights clipped preferably at the side of your hip or bicep for easy visibility by drivers, since some drivers tends to be speeding at night…and yes, its not mata hantu di stadium as claimed by a supersticious friend.

Would the authority-in-charge of the Stadium leave the lights on pls, That would be great..thanks.

So the Pope Benedict is in the news again, for his recent sensitive remarks on Islam …Did he apologise yet or meeting up with the Muslim countries representatives is his way of apologising? Could it have been avoided in first place? I m no expert in religion but personally I think the Pope just want to get on board the publicity bandwagon. In my opinion, Maybe the ‘Devil wears Pradaafterall………….

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