Seven-Up Sunset

The sky has been ever so clear and sunny. One of those days, after a long day at work decided to go down Seven-Up Beach to walk the stress away. Where is Seven-Up Beach? Well, its part of the Meragang beach. Walk for miles and the sunset was amazing….Yes it helps walk the stress away. Phew…

Talk about being published Front page today. Why do they have to choose the bad picture out of lot that I sent them. Oh well, baby steps first! Sorry Yul..
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2 Responses to Seven-Up Sunset

  1. SoulJah says:

    Can you point out where it is specifically? A GPS location perhaps? Looks beautiful. Might give this place a go one of these days.

  2. ber says:

    Souljah; its atleast 2 miles before the Meragag beach entrance ad right before the Fishery’s plant. the entrance is hidden but u can see some cars..easiest way, walk all the way from Meragang towards Berakas direction…….

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