Sunday Drive

Sunday Drive: The Building, The Bazaar, Tamu, The Coast, Anything…….

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6 Responses to Sunday Drive

  1. UcingItam says:

    waahhhh nice! dimana ni bro? somewhere near UBD kah?

  2. shai 3belas says:

    very nice ber! but napa ya ada macam double vision atu? was it windy at that time?

  3. ber says:

    Blackcat: Yeah along the highway. Shai: It was just shaky my hands..from exhaustion haha

  4. Zadm says:

    ber looks nice, was this taken not far from Tanah Jambu along Muara-Tutong highway? The double vision I thought was HDR-like but still Ber, you got steady hands.

  5. Out Of Focus says:

    It looks like it was shot from the car windscreen.. u sure u didn’t drive and shoot at the same time? heheh..

  6. Anonymous says:

    Oiii….lawanya it.

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