Sunday Evening

Continuation of my unlazy Sunday…

My last visit to Tungku beach was a barbeque’s party a year ago, which reminds me of the incident when my friend’s car got stuck in the sand. *My advise, just follow the track mark on the sand to be on the safe side to avoid the car stuck in the deep sand…The place was crowded with people playing ball, kite flying, fishing and people taking in the scenery. The wind was gushing like mad, my tripod nearly toppled over but saved by my camera bag. Scary*Sigh* In fact my destination was to go Jerudong beach but somehow the traffic was jammed and slow, so I diverted to Tungku beach. I wonder what the chaos were all about at Jerudong beach? Sunset was brief as the gushing wind started to form thick dark clouds, diminishing the chance of a fiery sunset…..

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3 Responses to Sunday Evening

  1. ADIDARWISH says:

    Your pics is a definition of PEACE. Siok ur hobby ani… I think I am going to be one masa pencen nanti… To kill time..

  2. Ber says:

    adi,u read my mind..I said the same thing when I look at the pics; serene and peace. Don have to wait fr pencen ..hehe. Thanks & keep coming for more…..

  3. ADIDARWISH says:

    May be sooner than I tot.

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