Sunset from the top…

Monday has always been unkind work wise but it was lovely day. After the long day, I decided to go to bukit Markucing to take advantage of the blue as the blue sky. This time around I decided to trek uphill with some strapped on weights, my camera bag. Yes, tugging along the camera backpack is a new in thing, u heard it here first.

Looking forward to the long weekend……

The view from the top, Finance bldg., DST Tower, Stadium et. all

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4 Responses to Sunset from the top…

  1. ADIDARWISH says:

    Have been following your works… never fail to amaze me…

  2. Ber says:

    adi, it was a one of those rare clear sky, thanks so much..

  3. AnakBrunei says:

    the view from markucing is glorious bro! I must try trekking there lah heheh!

  4. Ber says:

    Yeah, the view is amazing at the top….

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