Walking & Hunting.

The Sporty Team Desperate Housewives
It was a lethargic Monday so lets talk about Sunday…….

Sunday was anything but lazy as I was in Bandar involved in the Helix @Discover Walk-a-Hunt organised by BSM, to commerate the official day of renaming Brunei Town to Bandar Seri Begawan every October which this year had to be postponed due to the fasting month. It was a good turn out, all teams and organisers in their blue T’s, including many local bloggers and some photobloggers joining in the fun. I’m sure they have posted their first hand account & snaps in their blogs.

The hunt also involved a series of tasks in the form of games for which each team are to take part to gain points. Each team will get points by performing successfully any of the games, one was the sumpit-the-balloon games…

This guy tried…

Suffian under his SPF 90 tried....even that guy from Alleycats tried???

It was good fun.It was also a good oppurtunity for me to walk around town and shoot some snaps… more pics soon.

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