Summer Heat

After the heavy torrential rain season it’s good to welcome the hot sun. And it has been just that, hot and hot.  The heat makes the garden more the colourful with all the trees and plants in bloom.

Like this tree in my garden, I use to find it ugly simply because it bears no fruit, doesn’t provide shade, looks like its wilting but most of all because the unedible long bean-like fruits  and leaves just wilt and pile up on the greens. But look at it now, Stunning!

In life we sometimes overlook on what is right infront of us.  Intentionally or in conscience.  Thats unforgiven.



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One Response to Summer Heat

  1. OOF!! says:

    That is so true. We almost always overlook the simplest thing in life as if it means nothing to us. It really is sad that that’s the nature of being human. Which is why we have to slow down or life will pass us by without giving us a second glance..

    Nice shot by the way.. beautiful colors, bright and sharp..

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