An Apple a day…

My first encounter was at the Singapore airport, on display 4 years ago, all white with a centre click wheel, so minimalist and handsome…Only a year later did I finally purchased my own, a silver mini together with i-trip for listening in the car. The Apple Ipod will turn 5 on 23 Oct 2006.

Its the most successful invention ever made in the digital music field. Over the years, the click-wheel Ipod has gained cult status and has metamorphosis from a digital music player, digital picture album to the new Ipod video. My 4 Gb Mini can be considered an obsolete as compared with the current Ipod, what with rapid upgrades and development and bigger memory than it’s younger sisters Ipod, with up to 80 Gb.

Technology is fast changing and new products are emerging in the market that its hard to keep up plus u need to have the cash, just look at the mobile phones. About 3 in 5 person I know change their phone every 6 months and less, Im not one of them.My phone is a nearly 2 yrs and have gone through some rocky roads with me but still intact except for the scratches and cracks, but still functional.

The New Ipod…To buy or not buy? It did cross my mind everytime I encountered the new ipods in magazines or in shops. Considering my Mini who has been my true driving companion without fail, providing me with endless playback of music from the soulful Maxwell to the funky Jamiroqui and other 80’s and 90’s collection, I will be loyal to it for some more good times to come, for now anyway…

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