Drive SAFELY in the Rain.

The last few nights I have been sleeping with the sound of music from the heavy downpour hitting the roof. Tonite will be no different. The North Easterly Monsoon wind continues to pound the Nation which resulted in banjir ( flash floods) and land slide in the Lambak Kiri area. I browse the Brunei Meteorological Website and from the satellite image is mostly clouds covering Brunei. Looks like the rest of the week leading up to the end of the year 2006/ new year 2007 will be a wet one.

On the way to Bandar this evening I saw 2 accidents, one before the traffic light right behind the Ministry of Culture Youth & Sports bldg.; a silver merc hitting a lamp post from the looks of the damaged and the other accident; at the underpass of the big Manggis roundabout ( ..where the old Tiong Hin used to be!) I just hope the drivers are safe.

I like to remind all motorists to DRIVE SAFELY and to BUCKLE UP on the roads. I just like to share with all in the blogosphere that in the rain the brakes are even less effective on a wet road meaning at high speed, the result can be worst or even fatal. So please drive safely and withing speed, rain or shine.

I hope the heavy rain with all its blessings that it brings down from the heaven will slow down, InsyaAllah.
I miss the clear skies….

golden sunset at meragang

meragang beach at sunset

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