First Day..

As Bruneians including myself, we are champions in the art of everything-last -minute, waking up to rummage looking for my full gear and ending up being late at the reporting post , my Grandmother’s house. The nite before I was taking my time watching TV, eating the raya goodies, driving, watching bunga api etc etc… Why it didn’t cross my mind to prepare everything earlier?

I spent half the day at the reporting post and the other half home under the covers. My excuse, its hot and very exhausting trying to stay awake and layaning after eating like a horse. In the evening, made the long trip to Lumut with Fen to visit Fads and from there we visited some friends in the KB( ..or aka other country) area. We took the red eye journey to bandar in the wee hours of Wednesday…..

P/S Will update some more…………..

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