Friday is the Day..

So today is Friday, the day for the sighting of the moon, the day we will know when the1st day of Ramadhan will fall and its also the Hottest Day of the year so far. It feels really hot and humid all day until abt 3pm when the much needed downpour started… I did some running today evening while the rest of Brunei were glued to their TVs awaiting the anak bulan announcement..

Another significant event this week is Thailand’s Coup Event 19th Sept led by the Thai Chief Army Commander while Thaksin was away attending the UN. ( rumor has it that the PM himself predicted this before he left..he is now in London!) Apparently all activities are back to normal even the night life and this according to a friend living in Bangkok. The only difference is the army are much more visible now in Sky Trains, Shopping malls and much more concentrated with tanks and all around the Parliament and Victory Monument..

So far no travel advisory has been issued and RBA flights to Bangkok is still ON, so it is safe to travel to Bangkok???Watch this space…
For Latest photos on the coup check out HERE or latest blogs on it HERE.

Its official the 1st day of Ramadhan will fall on Sunday….atleast I have one more day to prepare myself spiritually for puasa.

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