Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th, a bad start.

Boss: Can u write a short brief on A?
Me: Ok, I can but can u give me access to the folder?
Boss: The folder is strictly confidential.
Me: Ok then I won’t be able to update. ( … since I mostly do the work for u!)

*Boss goes out and hand a printout copy of A.
Boss: Can u write up on this copy then I will input in the folder?
Me: Aaaaaaaaaaaargh..( ..wouldn’t it easier if u give me softcopy or access to folder?)

Excuse me for being so far in future, I didnt know its 1985….Hello. Whatever happen to thinking outside the box?
Not only do I have to put up with your bad jokes, yes… that pause, a cue for my fake laugh to come into play. I strained my neck yesterday just to save you face in the board room with my fake chuckle…

Thank God its Friday……. I look forward to a good R&R in the weekend.

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