Have you ever had one those days when you are doing a do eg. an event or dinner party or the sort, suddenly people you haven’t heard for a while rang up or sms-ed u like ‘ Hello, What’s up…blah blah??’ Some even drop by at your door step so coincidentally on the spot or shamelessly the one who confidently implied and just invited themselves, I know a handful of them.. No, don’t get me wrong I like meeting new friends, its just that we prefer the company of some and not others.

Those that you not really close but always pops up in your life when something is on.. These are what we called,
‘Toxic Friend’; the uninvited guest who invited themselves, ‘friend’ u cannot be around more than a few hours, not really into their company or you’ll get intoxicated or noxious.

These people have super powers, I tell ya, they can sniff events or do’s like days ahead and just pops up out of the blue….

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