Kate & Me..

Me and Kate go back a long time. When she famously started the new waif, I was in Uni then. I would see Kate in the papers, in magazines and in the many campaigns that she starred back then. That was the time I started taking an interest in her, following her career. One time, I even dragged a friend down to Tower Records, London to catch her book signing just to get a glimpse of her. I am glad to hear that Kate and Vicky are sisters in the Little Britain Show.

Kate Moss took the stage to join the Little Britain show as Vicky Pollards non-identical twin sister. I love Vicky Pollard simply for her notoriously british trashy attitude on Little Britain…..and Kate, because I’m a big fan of her. I’m glad that she’s still in demand even after the mirror photos of her, even after the critics and fashion houses shun and dropped her. Kate, the darling of the fashion world,graced some hundreds of covers is also copied and looked up to for her unique ways of dressing style.

Thats the special bond that I have with Kate, Katie Pollard sister of Vicky. Good Luck Kate….and please please lose that loser druggie frail bf of yours, Pete.

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