Monday Moan

It’s the dreaded Monday…..Only to be saved with an extra 2 hour plus of sleep due to Mandatory off which needs to be cleared before year end. A Good Monday then and a much needed one after the hectic week.

Lets talk about TVs & Movies ( and some possible spoilers too!!) since there are so many selections around;

  1. Erwin and Godwin, the only Asian team in the Amazing Race was eliminated. Serves them right for being too nice and polite. At the end of the day this is a cutthroat race for that $1 Million. Now I m rooting for the Bamas…
  2. Grey’s Anatomy Season 3. Spoilers..Do not read!!! Will Grey and McDreamy or will there not? McSteamy and what’s next? (I know makes me think of McDonalds Happy Meal.) This is where producers like to play around in circle in order to get the fans coming for more. Sometimes it can backfire too. I love the naive Grey and the frank Christina. We shall wait for more……
  3. The Tyra Banks Show. Stick to Victoria Secrets and America’s Next Top Model girl…We don need another Oprah to get liars to confess and Tom to frantically show his love!
  4. Casino Royale 7/10 .Bond: British arrogance at its best…
  5. The Devil’s wear Prada 8/10. Meryll Streep is briliiant and worth another Oscar…That’s all!
  6. Gubra 7/10.Yasmin’s film lacking the strength of Sepet…nevertheless her movie is identifiable and barrier breaking.( bare butt and some word reffering to cheese with a man anatomy??? hehe) That judge in AF, what;s his name Adlin?? is not very convincing.
  7. Half Nelson 6/10 ( Independent movie that revolves around a Teacher who is addicted to crytsal meth and his relationship with one of his student..Highly recommended,with good acting and storyline!)
  8. AXN Ultimate Fighting Champion. I question about it.
  9. Heroes. With so many buzz about this series that I need to download it. It’s apparently like people with superpowers…I like that!

Some new additions to the household…..

baby cat…

Lily and her 3 weeks old litter…

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