Monday Moan

A peek into my day;

  1. The sun came out today after a holiday with Pluto, apparently escaping the haze.
  2. Started the day with an exercise not the sweaty one but an emergency exercise; refreshing/demanding/thinking outside the box-ish.
  3. Updated the London-based Web.
  4. Had to do some investigative work into an incident involving a minor mishap. I like to call it the-putting-on-my-CSI-cap; involves long hours of work, interogation, facts, evident and all that kinda stuff. To be continued tmrw again. Fortunately for me, all that hours infront of the tv watching CSI comes handy at this session.
  5. Sleep/Sungkai..
  6. Gym session, saw Mr Qlap playing a game of Basketball and his team won.Pfweeeeeeet!
  7. Finally come to my senses to sell my other car, my black circa 1998…
  8. I decided that new Beyonce’s song ‘Ring the alarm’ is crap so what does that says about the album.? Funny how artist try to sell bad music with over the top video, hers was inspired by Basic Instinct complete with the scene where she was interogated by the police, white dress, crossed leg minus miss beaver. Sorry boys.
  9. I want Kristal FM to ban that Irwanshah songs already. So annoyingly unbearable…
  10. I want to take action against all these shops that actually muck up their price and claiming it’s cheaper. Maybe I should create a You-Cheating- Prick.Com for them..
  11. I cannot stand that caller who rang for the one or 2 missed call, an indication for us to ring them back. You wish.
  12. I shut up now….
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