Never say never…

Today a friend asked me the question; Why Blog?

Its funny come to think of it, 10 years ago the only internet access in Brunei is through the one and only Cybercafe. I remember back in the days, coffee and internet access are priced individually. Fast forward 2006, access to the net in Brunei is as easy as walking in a café with your notebook, order your coffee, switch on your notebook and presto you are online and on top of that its free (…except for your coffee ofcos). Wireless internet access or Blink Zone are here to stay, in many food outlets and establishment in Brunei. It is also being used as a competitive marketing tool amongst the owners of these establishments, a guaranteed magnet for attracting the internet savvy customers like ants is to honey. A big percentage of these customers are made up of the yuppies, the young and trendy set pack who constantly access the web for business or pleasures and a handful who just wanna be seen out and about in public with their shiny as a pin notebook. Now its everywhere and anywhere, even right down the road in my kampung next to the indian barber shop where one would never imagined……

With the many recent complaints on the espeed and its connectivity, frankly my internet has been fine but then again I am one of those who orders coffee and access the web in public… Thanks Prissy.

Back to his question, I have to confess before I got on the blog fever, I was not a blog person, I don know what purpose blogs are to me. I started blogging just for the fun of it, as a reactions ( ..and backlash) to other blogs, I wanted to blog about the things around me, things in Brunei, the culture here, thru the eyes of me, hence Bandar360 was born. By my 5th post I find blogging like a journal, of the things around me, my friends and the people, anything I wanted to say even if it is utter rubbish to others it is my rubbish afterall, a healthy means of communicating and sharing my views, my art, my photos….. Try it. Never say never…

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