One wedding and some open houses…

Its back to work for me after a time out, to sleep. Still feeling that lack of sleep feeling. As predicted, the Open House Invitations continue to flow, I even went to one from the office. I think I consumed a roll of that addictive Tapak Kuda Roll all to myself. This blog should be titled the eating habits of a healthy me….

Oh, I received 1 wedding invitation for November. I am not a fan of Malay weddings because it usually happens at noon right where the sun is overhead and closest to the earth. For those of u not familiar with the Bruneian Malay weddings, the guest list can be up to more than 1000 plus. Apparently, we Bruneians are a small community hence everyone is related.

Can u imagine the cars? Apparently that time slot between 11 am – 1 pm during the wedding, all drivers are given permission to park like crazy; at road sides, on the curb, on the neighbors lawn, etc. All I can say is the Parking Idiots fans will have a field day..

However there are a few, who prefer to move their wedding functions to the hotels, ICC, etc..

Back to this wedding invitation. How I look forward to being stuck under the canvas roof camp, all 50 plus in one camp…

This one I cannot escape. Especially with this union, which I don agree and have yet to be proven wrong. Lets just say its like a pink elephant in the room and everyone is ignoring it…

I shut up now.

Damn it! Its gonna be hot!

Its Halloween tonite, so far I have been invited to 2 last weekend. Yes…Advanced Halloween? just an excuse to party…………

Happy Halloween….

Have u seen mountains of pumpkins? Check out

Swiss Mama’s blog..

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