Sneak Peek…

IMid-Week posts is usually photoblogs but I think this week will be a post instead since I have stopped myself from blogging for the last 4 days. Too long don u think, considering a few days is like a few weeks in the blogosphere….

While nursing this mini flu, I have prepared a handful of drafts but still indecisive to post which one. Maybe its the paracetemol effect on my brain.

For the last 2 days everytime I plonk in my bed, I end up sleeping till the next morning in my clothes and not washing up.

No usual Sunday and Mid-Week post this week….

A Sneak Peek of the day;

  1. I’m finally getting that free trip after all, eventho it’s a business one I’m sure I can slot in the pleasure part. It’s been too long and I need to sharpen my nomadic skills. Good.
  2. The car is still in the workshop undergoing some testing. Too slow! Had a screaming fit with the manager. Not Good.
  3. My Brunei Marathon form: Signed, Sealed & Delivered! Good.
  4. Mr. Turtle is coming to the office tomorrow. Damn, what now? Not Good.
  5. Britney finally files for divorce from Kevin. Good.

Ok maybe one photo to end my post…

Ahhhhhhhhh. Yawn.Goodnite……….

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