Pay Day officially starts today, a week earlier than actual so prepare for a mayhem of a traffic leading up to the commercial areas with the shoppers gone wild in these last week of Ramadhan…

I have been neglecting my blogging ritual as was simply caught up in the preparation for the Hari Raya, chores and some occasional spending. I have filled my fasting days in solitary confinement this year more than in previous years. Maybe AGE is catching up with me after all?

I have turned into a home junkie; watching Astro TV , eating the endless supply of homemade food and the accessible Online TV ( hello Grey’s Anatomy..season 3!)

If its not the last week of the fasting month I would seriously have to consider myself for the HA or the Hermit Anonymous or turn into Mrs.Grape with amount of eating, ( ..from that movie What’s eating Gilbert’s Grape? ) like my friend Paris would say. Palees palees……

Moreover I am still discovering the millions of blogging infos/tools and slowly learning the HTML language one day at a time.

On recent news;

Oh, its time for sahur plus I have to continue finishing and licking my raya card to sent out by tomorrow…

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2 Responses to Solitudinarian…

  1. Mick Gordon says:

    I cant say I am surprised by the US failure in Iraq. You cannot force a military solution on a political issue and expect it to hold. There must be a more subtle solution to that problem and only the people who live there can solve their problems.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Mick, I totally agree. Can u imagined how many lives would have been spared.

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