The Nippon Maru Experience Part 2

Last nite was one of those hot November night but that didn’t stop anyone from having a good time. The PY which stands for Participants Youth as I was told by an ex-PY, were very sporting with their songs and other performances backed by the live band made up of cabin crews. Yes, I was surprised too plus they were good. Almost all the guests joined in and dance with every performances even the host, Nur and family dance the night away.

The party was also a gathering reunion for the local ex-PYs who also performed. There was also a special performance by a famous local artist too, who himself is an ex-PY. I think me and my friends are the only one who is not an ex-PY, even The Daily Brunei Resources is one of them.
This gathering is an annual ritual for Nur’s family.

I was invited to the previous years but only had a chance to attend this one. I am definitely coming to the one next year…

This afternoon, I had a chance to observe from a distance the Nippon Maru at Muara Port. The ship were strewn with streams of ribbons held by the PY’s on the ship and the other held by the PY’s foster parents at the berth, slowly departing Muara Port as it moves further and further from the berth until the ribbon snaps. *Remember that opening scene in the love boat….

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