The Nippon Maru Experience…

On Monday , I woke up with a sprained neck. Yes a painful one, while sleeping I think I pulled a muscle. Not good as my motion was limited and everytime I turn my head to the left or right, I had to turn with my shoulder. Feeling like Quasimodo ( from Hunchback of Notre Dame) all day.

In my misery, I did managed to attend an open house for Nippon Maru’s youth at my friend Mao’s. The Nippon Maru is here again, making its annual trip to Brunei as part of the Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Programme, SSEAYP.

Mao, who himself is an ex -participant of the SEAYP some 10 years ago has been actively involved in the foster families for the Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Programme (SSEAYP). This year he adopted 3 youths from Japan, the Philippines and Myanmar.

Mao’s open house turned out to be an open house for all of Mao’s other friends who are also involve in the foster families for SSEAYPP, with their adopted youths in tow, which congregated into one big party. How great was that? An open house/ party complete with sound system and flashing lights…ONLY in Brunei! I’m sure the youth of the SSEAYPP were surprised with Brunei, unlike what they have read in brochures, tourism etc. and with vivid memories of their time here.

It was good getting to know some of the youths themselves, their views of Brunei, their countries and also catching up with some of friends who have been MIA. In the midst of it all, I even got over my neck with the loud thumping background music of Britney……

Unfortunately I had to leave early as it is a week nite afterall……

I got an invitation to another one tonite hosted by Nur complete with live band..That should be good! Will post some pics soon….

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