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Marina Decay

This is the Marina cinema buidling in Seria. It’s now left to rot in this sleepy oil town. I ‘m sure this place is monumental especially to the native Serians during the colonial era. In other countries, this will be … Continue reading

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Oil Town

BFBS on the radio. Donkeys grazing in the background.

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A Colourful Celebration

Welcoming the Chinese New Year has always been a celebration of colours; Red, Drums, Lanterns, Ang Pow, Incense, Fireworks, FireCrackers and ofcos Lion Dance are sights and sounds of this festive season. Happy New Year to all Chinese friends and … Continue reading

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Nod the Sky

My week… one more to go!

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We waited and waited…the birthday girl reaction to it all was emotional.. Happy Birthday Mrs…

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Titian Walkabout

On assignment and end up at this bridge.

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Double M’s

What were u thinking….

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Bandarscape: Kianggeh Part 2

Busy, Busy, Busy. Overload.

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Bandar-cape: Kianggeh

Testing the look…

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