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A Garlic a day keeps the Doctor away?! Sorry for the lack of updates. Mind Block. Indecisive Mode. Had my thinking hat. So many things happening, so little time.

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Fresh Sunday

Our abode of peace is surrounded by tropical waters abundant and rich in sea life. Infact, our seafood catch is almost as competitive as the neighbouring country. Last Sunday, we decided to catch the morning market rush at Pasar Jerudong … Continue reading

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A Colourful Celebration

Welcoming the Chinese New Year has always been a celebration of colours; Red, Drums, Lanterns, Ang Pow, Incense, Fireworks, FireCrackers and ofcos Lion Dance are sights and sounds of this festive season. Happy New Year to all Chinese friends and … Continue reading

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Monday Night Lights

What better way to beat Monday blues with a night run under the moon light.

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Looking back

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Malu Kucing

Rainy day. Staying inside…

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Fireworks Bob

Happy Birthday Ryan………. ….also Happy Birthday to Swiss Mummy.

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Disco Bowl

Have u heard of moonlight bowling with dangdut/disco music (JapLai anyone..??) full blast in the background? Last Sunday I took part in gusto bowling tourny among the group. I took some shots in between my turn to bowl and so … Continue reading

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Baby Brunch

Had brunch with Baby Z…Love xx.

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The [dot]Com Begins

Incase you haven’t noticed I have registered a domain. “I hereby Welcome the bandar360[dot]com! ( ribbon cutting..*snip*snip, smile, smile, Thank you.)” I’m still in the process of setting up a web cover page but which will directly link to this … Continue reading

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