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Summer Heat

After the heavy torrential rain season it’s good to welcome the hot sun. And it has been just that, hot and hot.  The heat makes the garden more the colourful with all the trees and plants in bloom. Like this … Continue reading

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This is the part where it gets hard; So many decision, so little time.

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Look Out

At the cross road of life with no directions at all, which road do we take? The left, the right straight ahead……or stay put.??Take the one that feels right and hope for the best…

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The Night Before Raya…….

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri..Maaf Zahir dan Batin……….. Happy Eid Mubarak to all…………… Remember BUCKLE UP n DRIVE SAFELY!!

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Feeling Festive 2

I have grown up to see this made over and over againl. Yet, I have never mastered the art of making it. Days leading up to raya, our kitchen is overloaded with these babies……..

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Cozy Tandoor

I was invited for lunch to this new place tucked above I-Mart, at the new building block facing Gadong market near the Kiulap roundabout. The minute you walked through the door, you can’t help but to focus your attention to … Continue reading

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This is the time to walk around bandar at night, take in the air looking at the people, kids, colourful cuculs and the smoky gerai perayaan or you can just come here to this place. Unless otherwise the rain beat … Continue reading

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We waited and waited…the birthday girl reaction to it all was emotional.. Happy Birthday Mrs…

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His Majesty’s 61st Birthday: Bersama Rakyat

Bersama Rakyat meaning a royal get-together, a chance for the people of Brunei to get up close to meet and greet His Majesty. His Majesty’s didn’t disappoint, shaking hands with his subjects who eagerly awaited from early morning, along the … Continue reading

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Sexy Thing

The minute I saw this beauty in its box, SEXY was the first word that comes to mind. I wanted to achieve that look where designers sell new products every season.. This sexy CHANEL heels was a good start for … Continue reading

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