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Hijriah 1430

Wishing all Muslims Selamat Tahun Baru Hijriah…

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Spore Streets

Christmas Festive is everywhere………. Orchard Rd…The tree.. Addictive. I’m no cupcake fan but …these macaroons! This is a different class altogether..Can u say CANELE! Finally…the Spore traffic LEGO-ed!

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This is the part where it gets hard; So many decision, so little time.

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After the 3rd day. I think I over did it on the raya fizz and hot food.

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I didn’t have to go through sandy beaches or trek up hill to take this shot. This is a view from my window.

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September is here again. Ramadhan falls in September again. Just before the fasting month had a chance to stop for tea at this new Deli. Selamat Berpuasa to all Muslim around the globe….

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62: Night-Scenes

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62: NightScape

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Sit Still

Having a semi-slow day;Sit still and silently take in the golden sunset. Listen to the water massaging your feet. The soothing sound of the waves. The beautiful sky. The cool wind against your face. Breath in. Release. It only takes … Continue reading

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