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Merry Merry

Wow…in less than 10 days we’re in 2010….Happy Christmas from all of us here in bandar360. Some outakes from a recent shoot at my new space for 2010 issue. Stay Safe………….

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Spore Streets

Christmas Festive is everywhere………. Orchard Rd…The tree.. Addictive. I’m no cupcake fan but …these macaroons! This is a different class altogether..Can u say CANELE! Finally…the Spore traffic LEGO-ed!

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3 am

The last guest left the house..3am..haha. Never liked cup cakes but this has a nice sponge base. Thanx Yan! Notice the trend…!! Reeds taking a shot at Crifford; for that Aunty May woman from 24/7!

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Day 2

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Salam Aidilfitri

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir Batin………..

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Mooncakes & Lanterns

Colours from the first day celebration of the mooncake festival in Bandar. The colourful lanterns entry on display were pretty crafty and colourful from panda to dolphin. Like every year the main event of the nite is the Chinese Opera … Continue reading

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62: NightScape

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62: Mono Series

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A Sunday Tea Ceremony

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One Fine Wedding

I don usually cover weddings but for the very close friends and family, I take the opportunity to hone my skills to the popular wedding photography. It was a nice Sunday, with clear skies even the rain waited till the … Continue reading

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