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Talking connects People.

I crossed path with 3 souls last week. Their stories on stepping foot to this side of the globe was gutsy and interesting. They ended up joining our weekend chill session. We trade stories and they learned more about this … Continue reading

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This is the time to walk around bandar at night, take in the air looking at the people, kids, colourful cuculs and the smoky gerai perayaan or you can just come here to this place. Unless otherwise the rain beat … Continue reading

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Disco Bowl

Have u heard of moonlight bowling with dangdut/disco music (JapLai anyone..??) full blast in the background? Last Sunday I took part in gusto bowling tourny among the group. I took some shots in between my turn to bowl and so … Continue reading

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Show Stealers

Show stealers from last weekend’s bash; Fashion Victim or Fashion Icon.

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Glitz and Sparkle

On National Day weekend, I had the pleasure of having dinner among the stars to celebrate the coming of age of a debutant. Me and her go back long ago, my partner in photo outings back in W2 all the … Continue reading

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Kg. Ayer Boat Tour, Part 1 Updated.

What happens when photobloggers get together for an outing? Lots of fun. This is the biggest group outing that I ever went so far with one tour guide, 7 shutterbugs (Zadm, BlackCat, Shai, AnakBr, Kanta and myself) one videographer and … Continue reading

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Hijrah 1428

Its Friday, which means the start of the weekend and a long one too. All day sitting infront of the pc, I have been mind travelling to a stress free place somewhere under the feather down cover of a cosy … Continue reading

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Love me or Text me.

Last week while waiting for my parents from haj at the airport, I noticed a pattern.Don’t leave home without it. Selamat Kembali Ke Tanah Air………..

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A day in Kg. Ayer

In the early light of the morning, I met up with Brn at the popular JingChiew (..aka the photobloggers secretariat..) prior to the day’s outing. We were later joined by Anakbrunei. We started the day’s outing from the Kampung behind … Continue reading

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Negative Chi

Is it me or the internet has been slow as f#!k. Loading the pages is painstakingly slow hence the no photographs in this post. For some reason nothing is going my way lately. My next trip which I have been … Continue reading

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