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Early Bird

An early Sunday. Nearly at the end of the year, a time to reflect for most of us. I dug deep in my dry box and found me old macro lens, SIGMA 105mm f2.8. It’s been a while using so … Continue reading

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Spore Streets

Christmas Festive is everywhere………. Orchard Rd…The tree.. Addictive. I’m no cupcake fan but …these macaroons! This is a different class altogether..Can u say CANELE! Finally…the Spore traffic LEGO-ed!

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Salam Aidilfitri

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir Batin………..

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1058 -2008

1058 -2008. The majestic landmark with its golden dome dominating the bandar’s sky turns 50. This was taken 2 months back. Today the bamboo scaffolds have gone to reveal a new shining gold.

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Mooncakes & Lanterns

Colours from the first day celebration of the mooncake festival in Bandar. The colourful lanterns entry on display were pretty crafty and colourful from panda to dolphin. Like every year the main event of the nite is the Chinese Opera … Continue reading

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Mar & Abd

Congratulations to Mar & Abd on your beautiful day. Sorry this comes a week late.

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Heart of Borneo Challenge

400 cyclist participated in HSBC Heart of Borneo Challenge, a 133km journey which started from KB to Serasa beach.‘HoB is a cross border conservation initiative involving Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia. The initiative aimed to preserve 220,000 sq km of pristine … Continue reading

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Finally. That was the word on everyone’s mind or said; when these two decided to make it official. As a dear friend, very much involved and being a photographer in their big day , it all makes it meaningful and … Continue reading

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888 Updated

Once upon a time, in land above the sky at Kota Batu, Emperor Wuei Chua marry the beautiful Empress Priscilla Boyd with a traditional tea ceremony. The Emperor ordered 8 warriors to carry the bride in a jewel decorated red … Continue reading

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62: NightScape

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