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Kapan Lagi

The Bali retreat…

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The traditional malay berpacar or berinai ceremony. This ceremony is usually done the night before the wedding day. It involves staining the hands of the bride and groom with henna paste (pacar) by close relatives and family members.

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Just Trois: Part Deux

More pics from the scenic 3rd Hill…. On another note, I’m sad to hear that Mr. Brunei Resources has posted his last post on his blog, to concentrate on work and his main site.

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Just Trois

I woke up at 545 am today to take part in the SMARTER 5 Hills Challenge. Overall; Tasek was a breather and Subok was a ‘lunge’ step workout and Markucing like always is a mini Shahbandar. Finally after completing Bukit … Continue reading

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Something New

After only 2 days (Yes, u heard me right, 2 days from it was shipped!!) I received my new baby delivered to my house by the Fedex. Now I need to go out now and test this baby……..

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The [dot]Com Begins

Incase you haven’t noticed I have registered a domain. “I hereby Welcome the bandar360[dot]com! ( ribbon cutting..*snip*snip, smile, smile, Thank you.)” I’m still in the process of setting up a web cover page but which will directly link to this … Continue reading

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Show Stealers

Show stealers from last weekend’s bash; Fashion Victim or Fashion Icon.

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Here comes the Hot Stepper…

I had a chance to cover a Fashion Show by an up-and-coming local designer, Aniq Gallery. Accordig to the designer, the collection catered for all woman and the collection’s theme was Princess. I covered the event from the chaos backstage … Continue reading

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A Minute with a Plane Crash Survivor

The two Bruneian survivors of the 7th March, Garuda flight GA 200 boeing 737-400 crash, arrived safely Saturday afternoon at Brunei International Airport. One of the survivors, Ak Shahrul recall his account on the crash during a doa selamat dan … Continue reading

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