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62: Pull

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Marina Decay

This is the Marina cinema buidling in Seria. It’s now left to rot in this sleepy oil town. I ‘m sure this place is monumental especially to the native Serians during the colonial era. In other countries, this will be … Continue reading

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Kapan Lagi

The Bali retreat…

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Galang Emas

‘Galang Emas’ or gold bangles are part of the gold jewel accessories worn by the Bride and Groom during the Majlis Berbedak.

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Trekking High Up

I had the privilege to join the team for a day trekking high up Batu Apoi in Temburong. It was after the rain when we arrived so the trek was pretty much slippery and muddy. After that long winding trek … Continue reading

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A Colourful Celebration

Welcoming the Chinese New Year has always been a celebration of colours; Red, Drums, Lanterns, Ang Pow, Incense, Fireworks, FireCrackers and ofcos Lion Dance are sights and sounds of this festive season. Happy New Year to all Chinese friends and … Continue reading

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Feeling Festive

For every festive season, it is a known tradition that NBT will come up with their colourfully lit picture-perfect-arches at the hill slope nearby their Gadong showroom. It has grown to be popular with everyone to come, admire and take … Continue reading

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Moon Cake Festival

Colours of the celebration in Bandar. Click the above pic for more*

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This is the time to walk around bandar at night, take in the air looking at the people, kids, colourful cuculs and the smoky gerai perayaan or you can just come here to this place. Unless otherwise the rain beat … Continue reading

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Cool Sunday

What a cool Sunday..Started the day with the ritual Sunday bf at JC not with shutterbugs but with models. Here! The day ended with an Empire high-tea against the golden backdrop of the setting sun in the horizon. Thanks Sj.

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