Absolute Nothing Sunday…

A weekend of absolutely nothing, peering aimlessly in economy shops and catching up on some sleep. During Puasa, everything is so calm and laid back except for the shopping areas, where housewives go on a rampage spending spree at this time of year. Nazmi apparently is doing another crazy sale this week, after last week commotion where the police had to be called on scene to control the 2000 plus crowds. I can already imagined the traffic and housewives fighting off fabrics from one another…..Yikes!

Its 1 am and Im watching the Amazing Race ( which I have not been following yet!)on Astro, where the asian duo won this lag of the race in Vietnam. Yay

I was trying to get rid off some unwanted files on my hard drive and came across these pics of a party earlier during the year. I remember it was my dearest Pris’s bday party with a Bohemian/Gypsy-Inspired theme, like always everyone turned up in their colourful outfit.. Notice the Spanish ‘Lady’ who overshadowed everyone including the hostess!!

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