Ghostly Month..

Hungry ghost month is here again.. the Chinese-Buddhist annual rituals, evident in the leftover burned candles & flags that lined the roads of Chinese residents the morning after the nite before.

But businesses may be hit by a double whammy this year due to an oddity in the Chinese lunar calendar that results in two “seventh” months — also known as the hungry ghost festival, when the gates of hell open and the dead walk among the living.

The peculiarity of the double seventh month occurs because the lunar calendar assigns an extra month every three years to balance the lunar and solar cycle. This year, the Ghost Month runs from July 25 to August 23, with the leap seventh month stretching from August 24 to September 21. Activities at the festival include preparing ritualistic offering food, and burning hell money to please the visiting ghosts and spirits, as well as deities and ancestors.

My own rituals & belief during this month will be to try n stay indoors & not go after or be back not after 12 am…. my advise be Careful

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