July 2006

What can I say… Im suppose to start blogging events since July but had to hold on to it due to the brunet melt down in m house ie. too slow! SO here s a recap of events n happenings in July….
14th July 2006: REUNION Party… also known as White/ Airline Party Theme/Cabin Crew etc ( Im confused too!!) but it was a good party..I like the 80’s song selection.. Congratulation to the trio; Zul, Bill & Edwin for the great party!
15th July 2006 am :the BIG 60 HM Birthday celebration. HAPPY Birthday YOUR MAJESTY…
15th July 2006 pm :The Beauty Peagent aka Fashion SHow!! It was done well right up till the end..there re really beautiful ppl in Brunei..Really? by the end of the nite, I was just too blinded by all the flashes from Meilan s camera…enough already

23 July 2006: GOODBYE SHER!! Our beloved girlfriend, Sheryl left the country for good…to look for new beginnings in Perth n discover white meat. Remember our good times & the bad, live it n learn. ( that pics: remember our last trip to Spore, brunch nasi padang)Good luck Sher…

24 JulY 2006: Accidental Hero…more of accidental midwife. Yes, u heard it right, I was at the gerai in Kianggeh to buy the ticket down to Temburong for work, during that time a young lady complaint of stomach pain who just arrived from Temburong via suddenly went into final stages of labor…blah blah blah ( isaid it over for 1 million times!) We moved the mother into ticket booth n she gave birth in the booth. Ambulance arrived 20 mins later n baby n mother is well! Morale of the story…Do not travel if u r pregnant…Believe me its not funny. I never seen blood like buckets n jelly-like.. ( No Stan. Im not adopting the baby!!)

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