Last Saturday before Puasa…

So its Saturday nite and pretty happenings all over Bandar, 3 parties altogether ( …thats the known ones.). People are rushing to party in the last Saturday ( …so Brunai kiasu!!) before the coming Puasa. Things will be slower in Ramadhan as it is an important religious month for most in this MIB country and also turn out for events or parties will be less than usual.. .. However most shops will be close till late as its the ‘Brunei Grand Sale’ coinciding with Puasa for the run up to the Hari Raya Festivies.

I was invited to 2 out of the 3, one officially the other one thru friends of friends, the Military House Party and an unknown Portview respectively. To Go or not go? I end up not going to either opting to sit down and chat over our notebk with my good friend till the wee hours of morning. There is also the cool Pajama Party going on in Qlap where everyone was wearing their PJs ( including some ladies in their lingerie!!) and door gifts were condoms and face mask. How creative!!!

I did manage to drive around Bandar on my way home…SO rare to feel Bandar buzzing with people and cars at 2 ish am….

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