Sunday Spells

I spent half of the day in bed as lately that’s what Sunday feels like. Don’t fret, my Sunday was anything but boring. The other half was spend scooting around Bandar and beyond.

Spent a good hour sweating at the gym. Training my muscle its weekly anaerobic fix. Still dreaming for the day my six pack will magically appear. Hehe

I had Sunday brunch with Baby G at Lee Loi Fatt, Qlap. This restaurant established originally in KB, is famous for its KB rojak and cucur udang. Tasty..

In the evening, supposed to meet up with my running partner Fen but the rain stopped me. A good excuse to skip it! Its been like that all week, hot and sunny day which turns to gray, thundery and rainy towards the evening. Is this the start of the monsoon season.

I joined the gangs for dinner at Tamu Selera in Bandar. Tamu Selera is a hawker’s paradise where u can enjoy the many food stalls and booth to your heart’s content.

We sat at the Thai booth at the other end of the place. As usual over ordered the food from the Manggo fish to the Papaya Salad…..but we finished it up before we can even say yum.

I have to confess on the way, in the car I assumed that this will be a just another so-so meal and eating for the sake of fulfilling the urge of an empty stomach.
My assumptions was wrong totally, the food was good.(Atleast at this stall anyway..) Really good!
Now I know why half of the gang make it their weekly ritual to dine at this place, plus its cheap.
The before/after shot.

I had a minor panic Saturday evening. The car gave up on me as I was scurrying back home after my run. Just my luck, it then started to rain. We decided to push the car towards the entrance stadium parking under the lights. Picture that, two of us with our tired legs pushing a four wheeler auto car without power steering.

After a thousand try starting the car, still the engine is lifeless. A fellow runner came up to us, took my spanner and began knocking on my engine parts. He then explained that I need to replace the starter brush of the car.

Like a horse the engine roared back to life….

This is what Brunei people are, a togetherness and supportive community. Thank You Man with Blinking Lights.

Happy Birthday Paris. Happy ’25th plus’ Birthday………

& Happy Birthday Cat Lover. Meilan….

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