The b360 Santa..

The net finally picked up its pace after the week long lags. I stumble upon this cool website, which list out the recommended wishlist from real people around the globe. A cool kind of social shopping with infos on the latest from gadgets to toys to anythings. In true festive spirits blogosphere style, I present to all the HaFukas my little something for their Christmas stockings;
Paris, this is my Christmas gift for u. Pris, I hope u like this, something close to a DVF.

Swiss Mum & Papa, to make the house chores easier at ChancyTavern.

Sher,Happy Belated Birthday. I hope u like this, for the lazy Sundays in the vineyards in the Perth!

Mr & Mrs BabyG, hope u like this, for the Jamie O/ Nigella-ish in u two! Stan, for that extra weight. Mr Qlap and SPG, I have to apologise that I cannot compete with the blueblack advanced Christmas present given by that lucky monkey in Bali, so here is something to remind u of that day. Mards, this is for the late nights in W2.

Fads in Milan, hmmmm I say no more..

Merry Christmas everyone, friends and family near and far….

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